American sports fans are getting excited about the prospect of some new sports betting opportunities with the announcement that Rush Street are organizing themselves to offer sports markets to customers in a number of states. Find all about Rushbet Sports Betting!

Rushbet Sports Betting

With the recent legal victories concerning sports betting in the US, Rush Street have announced that they will teaming up with European partners to offer an online sportsbook in states that opt in to the new regulations on sports betting.

With a Rushbet site already operational in Colombia it seems that Americans will be the next to get to know more about the gaming company’s vast experience – and willingness to expand into the exciting sports betting market.

Rushbet Sports Betting

Screenshot from Rushbet Colombia

What is Rush Bet?

Rush Bet is the probable name of the new online sportsbook that Rush Street will be hoping to offer to customers in states such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania – as well as others who decide to join the sports betting revolution.

Rush Street already operates four land-based casinos in Illinois, New York and Pennsylvania and the expectation is that Rushbet Sports Betting will capitalize on the great interest in betting on sports from all over the world.

With the regulations on sports betting in the US being loosened, it is likely that there will be a huge uptake on the chance to bet online at a site that has a wide selection of sports markets and promotions.

Rush Street announced only last year that they were getting into the virtual sports market and this latest news concerning Rushbet Sports Betting seems the logical next step.

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You can find useful Rushbet sports betting details in the table below.

Rushbet Sports BettingDetails
Rushbet promotionsPotential improved odds, VIP loyalty awards, and deposit matches
Rushbet Sports Betting appTBA
Rushbet sportsBasketball, soccer, handball
Rushbet promotionsTBA

What Can Be Expected From Rush Bet?

We only need to look as far as the new Colombian RushBet site to see what might be in store for American customers. Taking inspiration from the hugely popular online sports betting sites in Europe – and across the world – new customers would be able to select from markets covering sports from basketball to soccer – and even more obscure and unheralded sports such as handball.

With so much sport going on around the world the opportunities are limitless and if new Rushbet customers have specific knowledge in French soccer or Turkish basketball, then they will now be able to take advantage of sports markets with great looking odds.

Rushbet New Customer Promotions

Another reason for sports fans to get excited about the possibility of an online Rushbet Sports Betting site is that it is sure to mean a whole host of promotions and offers for new customers.

Welcome bonuses are always a good way for online betting sites to attract new customers so there is sure to be something on offer for anyone wanting to register for an account. Once you are signed up you will be able explore everything that Rushbet Sports Betting have to offer and discover the world of online sports betting for yourself.

There are also bound to be ongoing promotions for existing customers that might include improved odds, VIP loyalty awards, and deposit matches that effectively turn into risk free bets.

Rushbet Promotions

Screenshot from Rushbet Colombia

Signing Up for an Account

If Rushbet Sports Betting decides to use an online sports betting site as a way of offering their sportsbook then customers will be required to sign up for an account. Once funds are deposited into this account they will be free to select from the sports markets on offer.

Security is always a top priority with this kind of sites so potential customers will be able to play safe in the knowledge that their money is perfectly safe – and any depositing or withdrawing of funds complies with all banking regulations.

The World of Rushbet

As sports fans discover more about these exciting developments concerning Rushbet Sports Betting it will become clearer exactly what will be on offer and who will eligible to sign up.

With all the recent upheavals in the sports betting landscape here in the States it seems that customers in places like New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey should be getting excited at the prospect of being able to bet on a variety of new markets – including some of their favourite sports and sports teams.

More news will be coming shortly no doubt, but for now everyone can get themselves ready for a whole new way to bet on sports from the comfort of their own home.

Rushbet Sports Betting apps may also be active for US players in the future, so don’t hesitate to check Android and iOS versions of mobile app.